Embed Zoom into Website?

Hi there,
Anyone can tell how can I embed zoom into the website? Is there any way to do it or is it not practically possible? If yes, I need to know the code so that I can embed it on my website so that I can have direct one-on-one session with my clients.

Greetings, @ChristineUrbanek,

Welcome to the Developer Forum – it is great to have you. Yes, it is possible to embed Zoom into your website. Here is the developer support guide with instructions on what the development process will look like :

If you haven’t already, check out similar posts on the forum here. You are sure to find framework-specific questions and answers:

To learn more about the frameworks currently supported, you may visit our Zoom SDKs help documentation here. For convenience, below you will find the link to our Sample Web SDK.

Let me know if this helps.


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