Embed zoom video to a web server

Hi Tommy and zoom community
I’m using the iFrame in pre-prod, it was working pretty well until today i get a 403 error.
What could have happened ?


Hi Tommy,

The code I was previously using is now not working.

iframe src=“https://zoom.us/wc/901287499/join?prefer=1&un=TWluZGF1Z2Fz” sandbox=“allow-forms allow-scripts” allow=“microphone; camera”

When I embed it I get a black screen.

Hey @shannonpacebrinker, @david.demri,

We are working to get the Zoom Web Client and Zoom Web SDK back online. Please keep up with our status page for detailed updates: status.zoom.us

The best workaround is to use the Zoom Desktop / Mobile app.

Just include the Zoom meeting join url (https://zoom.us/j/meetingID) on your site rather than showing the websdk / iframe. Clicking on the join url will open the Zoom meeting in the Zoom app.

Apologies for the inconvenience,

Thanks for the update

The direct link also seems to be broken when I attempt to open it up in my browser. I am using the latest version of Chrome.

Hey @shannonpacebrinker,

That link is the Web Client, which is currently under maintenance.

Sorry for the inconvenience, please see the note from the Manager of Developer Relations at Zoom.


I understand but when we are trying to do a walk through and paid for this service it just list me a contract!

I am very disappointed!

You can see services and not be able to support!

Hey @shannonpacebrinker,

We understand your frustration and are working very hard to get the Web SDK and Web Client back up and running.


@tommy Hi, I added the iframe to my wix website with this code:

<iframe style="border:none; height: 600px; width: 100%;" src="https://zoom.us/wc/xxxxxxxxxx/join?prefer=1&un=TWluZGF1Z2Fz&pwd=xxxxxx" sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-pointer-lock allow-popups" allow="microphone; camera"></iframe>

You can join the meeting and see the other people (I connected from my mobile app and I could see me) But when I try to open the camera on the wix website I get this error: Your camera has not started properly. Check your browser’s multimedia permission settings.

Although I already gave the website permissions to use cam and audio, Im using chrome on its latest version and using a Windows 10 laptop, hope you can help me with this issues because Im so close to get it working but so far at the same time.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, I have embedded iframe code on to my website. Here is the iframe code which I have used.

 <iframe src="https://zoom.us/j/361769885/join?prefer=1&un=bGluc29h" width="1000px" height="500px" sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-forms allow-scripts" allow="microphone; camera"></iframe>

But the webinar in the iframe returns nothing. Please check this screenshot -

I want to launch the webinar in Iframe itself. Could you help me out?

@linsoa Change /j/ to /wc/

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Hi @Tommy,

First of all let me say you’re an absolute hero for answering all these questions, this thread has helped me a lot.

I’ve managed to embed the iframe meeting into my client’s SquareSpace site correctly, and everything looks great, except I’m having a similar issue as others where it gets stuck on a loop in the “Please enter your meeting password…” page. I click join and it just reloads within the iframe.

I took out allow-scripts, but it still wasn’t working when it was still in there.

Here’s a screenshot of what my code looks like:

Thank you so much!


Hi @tommy

Some days ago the iframe worked without askin for the user to login to zoom, but now the iframe asks the user to login to zoom.

I am using this:

Has anything changed?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hey @juan,

Have you tried adding the password query param to the url like &pwd=PASSWORD.


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Hey @lucia_liencres,

The Zoom Web Client now requires sign in.


Hey @pedialine, is your wix site being server over https?


I am using the zoom iFrame on my platform, however when I connect in the meeting room, it is not activating audio and video, it presents the following message "Your browser is not compatible with the use of the computer’s audio device, update your browser to latest version. "
I need help to solve this problem.

Hey @lrovero,

What browser are you using? Is your site being served over https?


Yes it is. And also using browsers latest version.

Hey @pedialine, this is probably a Wix issue, please reach out to them. I have seen this specific issue for wix sites that other people have reported.