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Hi, can anyone tell us where to find the code needed to embed Zoom into one of our websites, in the way that it’s already been done here:  https://www.dcg-cpa.com/client-resources/# – This is a new website of ours that the developer embedded Zoom in. 

This is an older website we used to use JoinMe with, but now need to replace JoinMe with Zoom: http://www.desmondwealth.com/client-login

We need to make the Zoom link on DesmondWealth.com work just like it does at DCG-CPA.com, so that when you click on it, you’re taken directly to a screen that asks for your Meeting ID. If you click on Zoom at https://www.dcg-cpa.com/client-resources/# , you’ll see what I mean.

I need the code to be able to send to our web developer for DesmondWealth.com so they can do the same thing.

Thanks so much for any help! 




Hi Katherine,

Please take a look Zoom’s web client @https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web




I tried the Web Client…but when we embed it into an iFrame, you cannot use the audio via the computer…only dial in.  Has anyone found a way around that? If not, its a non-starter solution.



looking for the same to use on my website https://www.asteriisc.com




You can consider using this SDK , through which you can embed zoom in your web apps.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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