Embed zoom video to a web server

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Thanks every one for your questions and the replies from Zoom team. We are able to link our web-based CRM application (PHP, Zend framework) with zoom based on the instructions, questions and answers posted here.

One issue that we are facing now is that the gallery view of the participants is NOT available for the host. But the participants are able to see the gallery view!!!

I am still playing with the code… Mean time, if you can help, please


@tommy what is the other mechanism to embed Zoom meeting in a web page. I have created an oAuth app that allows users to create a home for their zoom meetings.

@gabrielsmelo.dev How are you using Zoom Web Client? Are you embedding Zoom Web Client in your app? Can you give me a pointer on how you are do that?

Through an iframe, @123.sourav

:pray: :+1: Thanks @gabrielsmelo.dev do you have a code spinet/ gist to refer? Or we can jump into a short call sometime next week, if you are okay with that.

I believe when @tommy said

Unfortunately we do not support embedding Zoom meetings in iFrames.

… he means Zoom will not provide answer queries for the iFrame questions. Tommy, please correct me if you are wrong.

I have created a iframe which is working in laptop but the same code is not working in mobile. It was working properly earlier but suddenely stopped working. Following code implemented:

Can you pl help me and let me know what changes need to be done to view in the mobile.

Hi @tommy ,
I’m trying to embed the following iframe in a Moodle page:

<iframe allow="microphone; camera" style="border: 0; height: 100%; left: 0; position: absolute; top: 0; width: 100%;" src="https://academy-kunoz-net.zoom.us/wc/8302346026/join?prefer=1&amp;un=TmFhbWFu&amp;pwd=804512" frameborder="0"></iframe>

In the browser console I’ve got this error:

Mixed Content: The page at 'https://academy.kunoz.net/mod/zoom/view.php?id=481&forceview=1#' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure frame 'http://academy-kunoz-net.zoom.us/wc/join/83023460266?tk=&track_id=&meeting_result=&jmf_code=&wpk=wcpk59d4c4de14fc15592467aad68d4ec831&_x_zm_rtaid=a0orU5jARUmoSl8CifuAvA.1596369732099.0541f688b49d1790cbac1e9a496221c5&_x_zm_rhtaid=402'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

From where this URL (in the error message) came? and why it stopped using https! any advice?

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Hey @dr.sekar,

Gallery view is not yet supported on the Web SDK or Web Client.


Hey @123.sourav, @paduvenkat, @platform,

Use the Web SDK to embed Zoom meetings into your website. :slight_smile:


I need to implement Start/Join meetings in browser through Moodle platform, I tried the LTI Pro App from the marketplace. Would you please tell what is the difference between using the Web SDK and the LTI Pro App?
Another thing, is there and guide to apply Web SDK in php applications?

Hey @platform,

The Moodle App does not use the Web SDK. It uses the start_url and join_url which open the Zoom App.

Please see this thread about using the Web SDK in a php app:


I want to embed Zoom using iframe.

I’m using this, but I’m prompted for a name.

Don’t know the solution?

I’ll detail what I want to do
Please let me know if you know how to implement

I want to use an iframe on my site for private live streaming.
I would like the streamers to have a meeting and the viewers to join in an iframe.
I absolutely want to use iframe.

Hey @shota.inoue,

Please see my post here:


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Hey @tommy ,
I’m trying to use the Web SDK Sample in my Moodle platform, when linking to the zoom-meeting-1.8.0.min.js
It automatically creates a <div id="zmmtg-root"> which prevents displaying the page content, please see the snap:

How can we avoid this behavior? is it a common problem?

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I need to insert zoom meet to my web page for php thanks
Could you give me a script or a php thanks

I would also like scripting for PHP. Otherwise, could someone create a youtube video on implementing the SDK? (I’m just beginning to learn react.js and this is over my head!). Thanks!

Hey @platform,

Let me know if my post here helps:


Hey @didacticatic123, @rkesk8,

Checkout our sample app and guides here:

You can use the Web SDK with PHP, but you need to have at least a JavaScript file.