**Error?** FaxSIPIt File Attachment

We are unable to send faxes due to a persistent error message in the FaxSIPit app portion of the Zoom program.

Whenever we attempt to attach a compatible file to fax (PDF, etc.) we receive an error message: "The open file operation failed.The open file operation failed to connect to the open and save panel service."

No app upgrades, restarting app/computer, or other “tweaks” have resolved the program. This is imparing our ability to use the fax service we thought would be soundly integrated with our Zoom comms bundle.

Please advise.

When you encounter an issue with a 3rd party app, we recommend reaching out directly to the developer of the app.

You can find their support information at the bottom of the marketplace page

Here is the link to their support: Support | FaxSIPIT