Error msg No permission when using Get webinar participant reports method

We have an OAuth app. Using an authorized token (scope includes report:read:admin), we are making a call to get a past webinar’s participant report, but got an unexpected error message.

The user account tied to the token is able to log in to their Zoom account, and see the webinar listed Reports > Usage Reports > Webinar, so we expect calling this API method to return without error.

HTTP status code: 400 Bad Request

{"code":200,"message":"No permission."}

How To Reproduce
GET{webinarId}/participants , replacing webinarId with relevant value.


  1. What permission could this token be missing?
  2. Why are we getting this error message instead of 403 Forbidden?

Sanity check - GET{webinarId}/participants returns correctly, so webinar exists and all.

Hey @sgani,

Was the report;read:admin scope recently added? If so you would need to re-authenticate and get a new bearer token in order for the scopes to reflect and return the data you are looking for.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Nope, report:read:admin has been there since we published the Marketplace app.

@rarev - Any ideas what the permission we might be missing?


Allow me to do some testing on my end and I will get back to you on this.



Could you provide me with all the scopes that your app has so I can try to replicate this?



Webinar - webinar:read:admin, webinar:write:admin
User - user:read:admin
Report - report:read:admin

Hi @sgani

Thank you, I was able to test this on my end and was not able to reproduce the error you’re seeing. Also, just to clarify, your app is a server 2 server oauth app, correct? If not it isn’t you wouldn’t have the admin scopes that you mentioned above.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

@rarev - our app is an oAuth app. Other user tokens are working as expected, but not sure what permission might be missing that would throw this error message since it’s not noted in your documentations.

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