Error when opening zoom sdk

When I open zoom SDK we created i get the following error

TypeError: c is not a function
at zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2:2705416
at l (zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2:2289)
at Generator. (zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2:3644)
at (zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2:2652)
at A (zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2:8291)
at a (zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2:8496)
at zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2:8555
at new Promise ()
at e. (zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2:8436)
at e.join (zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2:2705531)

Hi @ping
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum, I am happy to help here!
Have you been able to troubleshoot this on your end?
Also what version of the Zoom Web SDK are you using??
Are you able to replicate this behavior with our sample app here: