Event notifications and subdomains


We are creating a Zoom Oauth app which is set up to support multiple subdomains according to:

(example.com is used as an… example…;))
For example, the “Redirect URL for OAauth” is set to http s://any.example.com

Then any of the subdomains *.example.com can use the app:

The Whitelist URL is setup with http s://example.com.

We also want to use the Event Subscription (webhooks) feature. My question is how do we setup this with multiple subdomains? What should the “Event notification endpoint” point to?
http s://any.example.com?
http s://example.com?

Is it even possible to use Event Notifications with multiple subdomains?


Hey @magnus,

Good questions, happy to help clarify.

First, regarding the multiple subdomains, please see this post which covers this in a bit more detail:

As for the webhook endpoint, please note that this will require a designated endpoint/URL for each event. (I believe we connected already over at Developer Support, too, where I’ve provided some more detail).

Let me know if this helps,

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