How can I use mutable subdomain for Deauthorization Notification Webhook URL?

Hi team,

Our product is an SaaS, hence, there are thousand of clients using the software distinguishing by subdomain. E.g.,

I’m trying to integrate Zoom to provide our clients as a video conference tool in our system. However, it seems I can provide only 1 URL for Deauthorization Notification. This leads to a limit on my implementation for multiple clients based on 1 Zoom Oauth App.

Do you have any suggestion for this case?

Which App Type ?
OAuth & Webhook


Hi @tuancode, reference our OAuth docs section on Using Multiple Environments:

To support multiple subdomain environments for your users, add any as the subdomain of your Redirect URL (development & production).


In your install link, dynamically set the respective subdomain on the redirect_uri param:



For deauthorization, I do not believe we support the same use of multiple environments, but I will confirm this. Each deauthorization event includes a userID; I would handle each userID and direct them to the appropriate environment/database.

Let us know if this helps; I’ll confirm further.

Hi @michael.harrington,

Thank you. I think it’s quite impossible because of the event. It is impossible to Zoom can know which user belong to which subdomain. Therefore, the only solution I realise is that I have to implement a Centric API to redirect to corresponding Deauthorization Notification Subdomain URL.

Hey @tuancode,

As a workaround, you can have one deauth endpoint, that reads the body and then determines which subdomain the respective user_id or account_id is in, then make a request to the respective sub domain to complete the data compliance flow.


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