Facing Issue Around Rate Limit While Hiting Zoom API's

Using this template helps us debug your issues more effectively :slight_smile:

We’re facing issues when we try to update or create a meeting with user account: debby.ulivia@gojek.com.

You have reached the maximum daily rate limit for this API. Refer to the response header for details on when you can make another request.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Additional context
Sample meeting uuid: y6leu4ukRi2n9Znb4gcxNg==

Hi @mufti.rizqi,

Are you facing a limit on requests to our Meetings API, or some other API? Can you confirm 1) which API you’re calling, and 2) which plan you’re on (free/basic, Pro, Business, etc.)?


Hii sorry for late response this is the most consumed API

  • /meetings/#{meeting_id}/registrants
  • /users/#{user_id}/meetings
  • /report/meetings/#{meeting_encoded_uuid}/participants?page_size=300

We’re using enterprise plan

Thanks for confirming @mufti.rizqi.

And are you hitting a daily limit or a per hour / per second limit? (You can verify this in the errorMessage in the API response).

If you’re hitting per hour or per second rate limits, you will need to consider spacing your requests out over a longer period of time.

We also recommend checking our Webhooks out, as many of the same details can be consumed via webhook, which do not count towards your rate limits.


Hi Will based on error message we’re hitting daily limit

Thanks for confirming @mufti.rizqi — can you send me an email at developersupport@zoom.us with some example requests and timestamps that you hit your limit on? I’ll be happy to check our logs and take a closer look.


Done, I’ve sent you the sample request

Thanks @mufti.rizqi — we will be in touch shortly.

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