Faild to Integrate Zoom to my Clients Website

I have been trying to implement the Zoom to my clients website that is about photo editing. but not able to do so, is there any plugin that i can install on the wordpress site to get inegration for zoom to the website.

Thanks in advance

I’m also trying to integrate zoom on my gaming page which allows the customers to buy and sell the game items that they need to use in the game. This is gonna be really helpful for me.

@audreyruston49 and @lbgetpicsart ,

Thank you for your questions. I’m glad to hear that you are interested in building with a Zoom Meeting SDK. Regarding your question, there is no official WordPress site plugin that I am aware of. However, I am aware that a plugin exists for WordPress. Another option you can consider is adding Zoom as a subdomain. For example, you could build a website using the Zoom Web SDK and add a link on your WordPress website that directs users to the Zoom subdomain site. This way, you would essentially have two domains:

Main Domain:

Here is a helpful resource you can check out. I should not it is not an official resource but it looks promising :

Five Plugins To Integrate Zoom with WordPress