Failed to find the refresh Token. The Token may be regenerated



We have a Zoom integration through a Zoom marketplace app and we’re seeing some odd patterns regarding refresh tokens.

We’re following the docs in

To summarize:

  • At the end of the OAuth flow, Zoom provides us both an access and a refresh token.
  • When the access token expires, we use the refresh token to get a new access and refresh token. We store both of them for the next requests.

Everything works smoothly, the weird thing is that after about one week we start receiving an error with the following message message:
“Failed to find the refresh Token. The Token may be regenerated”.

The docs say that refresh tokens have a TTL of 15 years. Could something else trigger a refresh token invalidation?


– Christian

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Hi Christian, 

Usually when that errors happens, you have a new refresh token that you need to use instead of the old one that you’ve stored.