Fetch Zoom source IPs automatically for whitelist

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Way to retrieve zoom source IPs automatically for whitelisting


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Cant find any relevant endpoint as of now

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Additional context
I came across Retrieve Zoom source IPs automatically for whitelist but not sure if any endpoint has been yet released or any other way do exists ? I see we can get content from .txt URL file https://assets.zoom.us/docs/ipranges/ZoomMeetings.txt but how to make sure if IP are changed in this URL file ?

Hi @patelkp,

Good question—at the moment, we don’t have an endpoint for retrieving these details, though it is something that’s on our radar. For now, you can find these details here:

Thank you,

Thanks Will. Just wanted to know if there is any frequency of IP changes made by zoom team or its at random intervals ?
Assume there are 50 IP listed on that page now, upon next changes does team rotate all IP or rotate only few random ones ?
Is end users or customers notified or can come to know when IP changes ?

Hi @patelkp,

This is done fairly infrequently—however, if you subscribe to updates from status.zoom.us, you should receive email announcements ahead of time for changes to IP ranges, and the article above will also be updated.


Alright. Many Thanks. Cheers.

No problem, glad I could help clarify!