FetchEvent for "<URL>" resulted in a network error response: CORP prevented from serving the response to the client

I’m building and app with firebase and expo in react native. The app has live streaming with Zoom Web SDK. In order to deliver a better experience to the end user, for example, the ability to send video faster and enable multiple video streams, which powers features like Gallery View and Virtual Backgrounds, we need to enable ** SharedArrayBuffer**.

As of Chrome 92, Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturer SharedArrayBuffer is only available if your web page is Cross-Origin Isolated, or if your web page uses Credentialless headers.

We implemented the coi-serviceworker from GitHub - gzuidhof/coi-serviceworker: Cross-origin isolation (COOP and COEP) through a service worker for situations in which you can't control the headers (e.g. GH pages) and the rules to implement this are:

Rules: 1. It must be in a separate file, you can’t bundle it along with your app. 2. It can’t be loaded from a CDN: it must be served from your own origin. 3. Your page will still need to be either served from HTTPS, or served from localhost.

THE PROBLEM: When a implemented the coi-serviceworker in my code, all the files(images and videos) that comes from the firebase storage are not displaying anymore.

I think the error is because of the second rule, because we use Firebase Hosting to publish our app, but the Zoom Gallery View works.

Firebase Hosting uses an advanced global content delivery network (CDN) to make your website as fast as possible. Requested static content is automatically cached on the CDN. If you resume site content, Firebase Hoststatic will not automatically clear all content and CDN cache until the next request.

Someone faced the same issue? I appreciate any help!