Focus Mode with Host Video On

The July 19th client release notes include reference to a new feature called “Focus Mode”. From the notes: "In focus mode, only the host can see participants’ videos or profile pictures when video is off. Additionally, participant’s screen sharing can only be viewed by the host, who can switch between multiple shared screens and optionally allow participants to view others’ shared screens. " - emphasis mine.

This feature is a welcome add-on for educational applications. However, it appears that the feature is geared to ‘focusing’ participants when something is screenshared by the host. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a toggle, or the option to allow this to function with host video on. Example case: host/presenter has video and screen-sharing on, or just video. Participants’ video and/or screensharing are visible to host (as above), but not to each other.

Being able to assure participants that their video is only visible to the host would be invaluable in educational settings. Having it work with host video on would be great in an online classroom. Being able to turn this on and off mid-meeting even more so.