Gallery View as Default (Web SDK)


One sought after feature for the Web SDK is to have the ability to enable gallery view by default, or to be able to programmatically switch between gallery and speaker view. Some examples of how this could be implemented can be found below.

Upon Initialisation
Add an additional ‘viewLayout’ property which can either be ‘gallery’ or ‘as’. By default, ‘as’ will be set and will show the active speaker, as not to break any existing implementations.

   viewLayout: 'gallery', //Can be 'gallery' or 'as' (default).

Add a new method to the ZoomMtg class which allows the user to change the view layout on-the-fly.


Additional Functionality
It may also be useful to allow users to specify the number of participants/attendees which can be in the room before gallery view is automatically activated. Once the number of participants meets or exceeds the value set here, gallery view will automatically be activated.

   minimumParticipantsForGalleryView: 5, //Default Infinity

Thanks for reading!