General Queries regarding Implementation

Please assist with these points.

  1. (IONIC & WEB) Start Zoom Call with Default Video ON and Audio ON
  2. (WEB ) Zoom Web videosdk - Angular Example Code. (Currently on websdk is on Github)
  3. (IONIC) Zoom Watermark even after using latest Zoom Plugins and Package shows up.
  4. (WEB) DisablePreview: true - Doesn’t Work. It gives an Error (“Reached API Limit for the Meeting”)
  5. (IONIC) ”Zoom Call in Progress” - need to be removed in Notifications when a call is in Progress.

Hi @trias.triquetra,

Please post these questions in their dedicated categories so that our experts can confirm the details of these questions for each respectively.

You can post in these categories: #web-client-sdk #mobile-client-sdk:ionic #desktop-client-sdk