Generate a new access token getting Bad Request 400 error

Getting the 400 bad request on the generate token.

curl --location --request POST ‘’ \

–header ‘Authorization: Basic Vmo2TlZCZkhScFdPbDk0aUpFbEZPUTo2SFlkNjJlSzBHTG’ \

–data ‘’

Getting the same with the following payload
code: [code]
grant_type: authorization_code

    "reason": "Invalid authorization code",
    "error": "invalid_grant"

Hi @khantufail425 @javed ,

Which app type are you using?

@gianni.zoom I’m trying to create the meeting via API, that’s why I need this token didn’t mention any app type there.

I got this by calling with the below deatils{account_id}

account_id - get from Server-to-Server OAuth type app.

and Passing Client ID and Client Secret in the Basic Auth.

@khantufail425 you need to create an OAuth or other app-type to gain credentials for authorized use use of Zoom API. Please see the docs for the different app types and how to create: Create an OAuth app

@javed , please see this troubleshooting guide for help with your error: Troubleshooting Server-to-Server Oauth access tokens