Generating SDK Signature Python Sample Code

Can we have a sample code that generates the SDK App key signature for Python and other languages besides Node.js, we have tried to base it on top of the JWT Python sample code, but seems have not been able to generate a valid signature.

Hi @developer-whova
This is a great suggestion.
I will bring this up to my team :slight_smile:

Have you looked into our Docs? There are some Signature code samples:

Yes for the JWT app it seems to work fine, but we tried adapting it for the SDK app and we keep getting invalid signature.

Hi, @developer-whova,

To confirm, are you saying when using our Zoom Meeting SDK Sample Signature Node.js App with the SDK credential, you are given the invalid signature error?

no I am saying how to sign it in python if there is any solution, how to sign it with the hmac lib which I presume is the lib to sign in python.

@developer-whova we do not have a phyton sample app right now

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Yes that part I understand I am wondering if we can have a sample code in the near future like the JWT app generate signature.

It is a great suggestion @developer-whova I will bring it up to my team :slight_smile:

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