Get meeting reports give new kind of error

Hi dev forum,

When I call the API

I get an error unlisted in reports API page

    "code": -1,
    "message": "Cannot parse null string"

@skethan Hope you will be fine.

Are you using OAuth2 for request authorization? if yes then please verify that baseUrl & other query params are correctly configured when requesting & also right scope is added with OAuth2 flow.

If still things are not working then please share details about which Prog. Lang, you are using e.g PHP, C# etc.


Thanks for the reply @freelancer.nak

All the params are correct. If I replace the to part in the URL to to=2023-03-13 i.e., give a bigger range, I’m getting data. Else, I’m getting this error. Is this because there are no meetings and zoom is throwing it’s own error instead of parsing it ?

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