Get Mute Status of All Meeting Participants

Zoom Apps Configuration
React with Backend Service ZoomSdk version 0.16.6 installed via npm GitHub - zoom/appssdk: Build Apps that run in the Zoom Client

I have a product use case that needs the muted/unmuted state for each participant in the meeting. I don’t believe there’s a way to get this information from the apps sdk or from the web api.

Am I correct in concluding that there isn’t an interface for this information? If so, is there a path to adding this functionality to either to the app sdk or the web api?

This is especially important for immersive mode, without this information we can’t display mute status to meeting participants, which is a UX issue.

getAudioState can get the status of audio for individuals: Zoom Apps JS SDK reference

This method (getAudioState) only lets the app get the auto state for the current user. What I need is a method that gets the audio state for every participant on the call.

Is there a method for this?

There is not. You can request this feature here:

Thanks Ash, just submitted this idea!

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