Get only upcoming Webinars


I can’t seem to find the answer to this anywhere (checked the forums, checked documentation, check zooms github repos for possible uses, etc.). Is there a way to retrieve only upcoming webinars? I am using the /v2/users/{userId}/webinars endpoint but it doesn’t look like there is an option to only return upcoming webinars.

Even an order by parameter would be helpful since I would be able to put the upcoming webinars at the top and could loop through them and get the webinars with a date in the future (not ideal but would work). Right now, it looks like it is returning them in ascending order which won’t really make the looping through for future dates scalable since the more “past” webinars we have, the more pages/items I’ll need loop through to get the upcoming.

If there is a way to return ONLY upcoming webinars, that would be ideal, but I would settle for just being able to change the order to be descending.


Hi Garth, 

Currently, our API doesen’t have the ability to get only upcoming webinars or sort them in order. I’ll reach out to out Engineering team to see if we can have this in place for a future release to make it easier for developers. 



Yup, faced with this issue myself as integrating with our website and linking to a Google Calendar and only want to get “live”/“upcoming” webinars.  Curious that it’s not an option since it is with Meetings.