Get Zoom User's chat messages

If I have several Zoom User’s UserId, with the description for Chat Messages\List User’s Chat Messages

I must provide to_contact parameter to get the chat messages with the contacts.

I can find the API Contacts\List User’s Contacts

However, this API can’t get contacts for each userId.

Is there other ways that can be used to get all chat messages for some userIds ?

Thank you!

Hey @szhang

Thanks for posting on the Zoom Devforum! I am still learning, but I will try my best to help answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What I want is to get the IM Chat messages (with specific UserId) not the meeting messages.
I wonder if there is any Zoom API that can be used based on my description.


Hey @szhang,

You’re correct in that you’ll need either a to_contact or to_channel parameter to get a user’s chat messages.

But to clarify, we don’t have an endpoint specifically for querying a user’s chat message-specific contacts (to_contacts)—you will need to know who it is (contact) or which channel (to_channel) that you’re looking for (messages between the user or the contact/channel) when you query the List User’s Chat Messages endpoint.

While you could query potential contacts first, using the endpoint you’ve referenced (List Users Contacts), there is still an element of needing to know who or what they’ve been in contact with for context.

I hope this helps to clarify, but let me know if you still have questions. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!

My question is how can I get a UserId’s contacts ?
The API (List User’s Contacts) can’t be used with UserId.


Hey @szhang,

The List Users Contact API will get the contacts of the owner of the access token, or in other words, whoever installed your app. :slight_smile: Just use their access_token, no need to pass in the userID.

So once the user installs your app, use their access token to call the List Users Contact API.


Thank you for the reply!

This explains why the Zoom API GET /chat/users/me/contacts has “/me/” and it is used in User-managed app.

However, my current use case is we have a super user that uses the following Zoom API to get users.

For each of users, we would like to get his chat messages (with his contacts). That is why I asked how to get a UserId’s contacts ?

Thank you,

Hey @szhang,

Thanks for explaining further. Unfortunately right now our List Users Contacts API is only compatible with User Level OAuth apps.


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