Getting a bad request response when querying API when creating two Oauth connections on two different Oauth Apps for the same account

We have an integration set up using an OAuth app. Our app will sync webinars, participation, registration etc on the hour, every hour. When we create the integration the first time it will work just fine. When we create another connection using the same account credentials as the first time it will work just fine for a random length of time and then at random begin to receive the invalid token error responses. So for example we have a dev environment and a QA environment. Each environment has it’s own Zoom Oauth app, so a unique client id and client secret that are being used when the access and refresh tokens are being generated on creation or refreshed every hour. We have one developer account we use to create test events, registration, sessions, etc. When I first created that connector in our dev environment it ran without issue every hour, and manually for over a week. We then deployed to QA and our QA Agent created a connector using the credentials for the same test Zoom account I used in dev, and it began syncing without issue for about 14-20 hours before getting a bad request, invalid token response. We deleted that connection, recreated it and again same as before, works for a random increment of time before eventually failing. It will sometimes fail on the very next sync, after creating the connector, recieving the same error. We then deployed to our PreProd environment to rule out some issue related to our QA and Dev environments sharing resources in Azure, or Redis caches, things of that nature. Created the connector in PreProd, again each environment has its own Oauth app, and unique client id and secret, and again ran into the same issue. Before making a forum entry I began to scour the forums for people experiencing the same issue and was able to find a couple of entries from 2021 where this was described as expected behavior. So to test we deleted the PreProd and Dev connectors for our Test Zoom account, and sure enough, it ran without issue for 4-5 days. We then created it in dev leaving the QA one active and sure enough it fails shortly after it is created. Deleted the QA one, recreated the Dev one, works like a charm, never fails. Again I’ve found several entries, such as this one - Frequently receiving invalid_request / token revocation from Zoom where it seems the same issue was occurring. The response to the multiple articles I saw was this is something Zoom hoped to support in the future, so my question is, has this issue been resolved? OR is this viewed as an issue, or as the expected behavior?

Hi @bryan.hansen ,

Thanks for sharing this breakdown. To summarize: you have two OAuth applications on the same account. You are generating access tokens and an API connection for through each OAuth application with their respective set of application credentials. You are able to successfully make requests to the Zoom API with each independent access token until it eventually fails with a “bad request” error?