Getting current room status (camera/mic connect/disconnect/low battery)

Is there a way to query the current state of a zoom room to get the information usually provided by webhooks?


  • Is the camera connected/disconnected
  • Is there SIP connection error?
  • Is controller batter low?
  • etc

Currently we wait for webhook events to notify us of changes, but any downtime/error can cause the system to be out of sync and unable to show the user the current state of their zoom room.

Got a reply here (Getting current room status (camera/mic connect/disconnect)) but it got auto locked.

The status field can be Available and still have “Audio quality issues” or “Low battery”. (Or will the room be marked as error when audio quality is low?

Hey @boris,

Apart from the Zoom Room Alert webhook, we don’t currently have an API that returns the alert of the Zoom Room. If you would like to submit this as a feature request, don’t hesitate to do that here. #feature-requests.

As for the status field on the List Zoom Rooms API, the current values are: Offline, Available, InMeeting, UnderConstruction.

I hope this helps to clarify things.


Hi Will,

Just to clarify - does a status of “Available” signify there are not pending issues (like microphone disconnected)?

We are listening to webhooks of such events and noticed that sometimes we get microphone disconnected but never get a “re-connected” notification and there is no way to query the API to know if the issue was resolved.

Hey @boris,

The status of “Available” means that the room is online, and not currently in a meeting.


So how does one know what is the status of “microphone disconnected” or “batter low”?

Seems like no API is returning this information (only available via webhooks, but they might be missed, leaving the state in limbo)

Hey @boris,

While the Zoom Room Alert webhook will alert you of those types of events (missing microphone, battery low, etc.), there isn’t currently an endpoint to specifically query this particular level of detail. That said, I definitely hear you, and think this would make for a great suggestion in #feature-requests.


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