Getting invalid_grant error when trying to refresh token

after getting 401 response with the {‘code’: 124, ‘message’: ‘Access token is expired.’} json I’m trying to refresh the user’s access token with previously got refresh token.
I’m getting {error: ‘invalid_grant’, reason: ‘Invalid Token!’} as a response to the /oauth/token?grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=<refresh_token> request.

Error is raised for a particular user connected via oauth, all other users work perfectly fine.

I’ve seen topics with invalid_request error responses, but nothing with invalid_grant errors. What it could mean?

Hi @sergey.fursov,

Thank you for sharing this – can you please submit this problem to support with:

  • your production client id
  • the email of the user experiencing this error
  • the full url on the error page they’re seeing along with a screen shot of the error
  • the full error response


just posted a new support request (13274976)

@sergey.fursov Thank you for submitting a ticket! We’ll follow up with you there.