Getting "invalid parameter" error for a zoom user when starting meeting in web SDK

We have created a primary user account in zoom and 9 users under it. We have mapped these emails internally to the users in our ERP. Out of the 9, 2 are not able to create meetings. When we try to setup a meeting in our ERP, it shows “invalid parameter” error. Below is the response:

{“topic”:“Test Live Session - 2”,“type”:2,“start_time”:“2020-08-08T18:10:00+0300”,“end_time”:“2020-08-08T18:10:00+0300”,“duration”:9,“timezone”:“Asia/Kuwait”,“password”:“Meeting123”,“agenda”:“For developer testing”,“settings”:{“host_video”:true,“participant_video”:true,“cn_meeting”:true,“in_meeting”:true,“join_before_host”:false,“mute_upon_entry”:true,“watermark”:true,“use_pmi”:true,“approval_type”:“1”,“registration_type”:“1”,“audio”:“host”,“auto_recording”:“local”,“enforce_login”:false,“meeting_authentication”:false}}

Hey @Nick252,

Can you please share your Web SDK join meeting code snippet?


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