Google Auth within App

I have a working web app that has a button to trigger google auth (for my app). This works well on browser. I am now trying to have this app open up as a Zoom App. I am able to successfully load the login page, within Zoom app, but when click on login with Google, I get:

Content blocker prevented frame displaying from loading a resource from

I am NOT looking to use the Zoom account Auth, and want my users to login using their Google account on our app. I am assuming Zoom app will act as a browser for google auth (which usually opens a new tab to sign-in).

I have added, to OAuth and Domain Allow List… no luck.
I made the “Content-Security-Policy” more open with default-src * ‘unsafe-inline’ ‘unsafe-eval’;… no luck.

Do I need to update anything on Google’s auth end?
Which instructions do I need to follow for this setup?

Hi @amunje , unfortunately Google does not accept authorization requests from embedded user agents (Zoom Apps run inside an embedded browser)

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I see. Thanks for clarification.

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