Has the Webinar Registration flow changed in the recent Web SDK update

The below process has been working without any issues for a registered Webinar with automatic approval before the latest web SDK update.

  1. User enters the webinar ID and joins with the Web SDK
  2. User registers for the webinar
  3. User’s registration is automatically approved
  4. User is able to join the webinar

The following settings has been the same since we started hosting webinars:

  1. Registrations required
  2. Automatic registration approval enabled
  3. Registration link/token email disabled

The Error after the update:
When the attendee tries to join the webinar (after registering): The Webinar displays a loading icon and then immediately a Timeout error appears. (This is not working as expected)

  1. Registration is required
  2. It’s the attendee’s first time joining/Register
  3. It’s the first attempt.

Previously, after a user has registered for the webinar, he was able to join the webinar immediately after registering by just clicking on the join button. There was no need to enter any link or token.
There was no need to force users to reload their pages, and it was not necessary to force users to register before the webinar started.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

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