HELP about Commit 4.6.21666.0427 and the getEmail function removed

In this commit the GetEmail() and email field would be removed from dsk so.

My question is:

  • i use only the sdk and i have the user under my zoom domain i need to map user email or some id from SDK to the user email that is used to connect to zoom, how can i archive this ?

  • there is some api can i call with the sdk user data to identify him ?

  • The goal is to map a real user email used to login to a zoom sdk userid

like :” -> ( ??? ) -> zoom.sdk.userid

before the last commit was easy :" -> ( ) -> zoom.sdk.userid
after the cript of email :" -> (sdk.criptedemail map to real email ) -> zoom.sdk.userid

but now whithour email field what other field can i use for doing this mapping ?

Thanks is really really urgent !


Hi f.barone,

Thanks for the post and for sharing the information. As mentioned in the post:

I will work with the engineering team to address the issue you are facing, will get back to you in this post shortly.


if i don’t update the sdk, for how long the cripted email will be available ?
Please, until there is a solution, this field is the only one i can use ! :confused:

Hi f.barone,

We found a solution for your case:

  1. In the meeting, you could call the “GetParticipantsList” to get the participant list with every participant’s userID
  2. Then you could leverage the Zoom API: to get the participant of the current meeting, in the payload, you will see the userID and the unique ID(the “id” field").
  3. With the unique ID of the user, you could use that to match each of your users. You could also get the email address of the user by using

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Ok i accept this workaround but please consider insert a unique fix UserID inside the sdk, if the user have this uniqueid under the users list They can see fileds like email nane phone and so on.

Hi f.barone,

Thanks for the reply. I will forward this feedback to the team for further consideration.