How can capture a live audio stream from a live meeting using the Zoom API?

We developed a solution that transcribes speech directly from a Zoom call. Currently, we are using a third party VoiP solution to do this, but exploring options to utilize the Zoom API to do so. The way we do this now is by calling in as a participant and like to do the same with the Zoom API if possible.

My question is:
Can we use the Zoom API to directly capture the audio of a live call?

Extra info:

  • Live means the call is ongoing
  • No cloud recording, direct capture
  • Our account would join the call as a participant to record
  • The host of the meeting should not have to change settings

Sorry if the question has been asked before


Hey @kevin1, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Currently our API does not support capturing the audio of a live call.

Until we release a solution for this, checkout these work arounds:


Thank you Tommy for your answer!

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:


@tommy Is the solution for capturing only audio of live meeting available now ?

Hi @vipulwairagade, this is currently not available, we have had to prioritize other features. You can follow our Developer Roadmap for more info.