How can I show video frames of a session on window?

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Hello, I’m using Windows Fully Customizable SDK. And I want to show video frames of a session on window. I already got success for ‘joinSession’ code. After create the session, I want to show it on the window by using window functions, such as ‘WNDCLASSES’, RegisterClassEx(&wndclass)’, ‘CreateWindow(…)’.

Please let me know about the flow of showing the video frames of the session on window.
Thank you.

Which Desktop Video SDK version?
Knowing the version can help us to identify your issue faster.


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Hey @tlol91,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

The SDK will provide the video stream as individual frames. To begin receiving frames for a specific user please follow the steps here:
When you start getting the frames from

onRawDataFrameReceived(YUVRawDataI420* data_)

You will need to render the YUV frames into your desired window handle. We suggest using a rendering library for this, as it can get quite tedious to do this yourself. Microsoft suggests using their library DirectShow


Thanks for your reply. I have one more question. Where do I need to call ‘onRawDataFrameReceived’?
Now, I succeed to call ‘err = pPipe->subscribe(resolution, this)’.

But I don’t know where and how to call ‘onRawDataFrameReceived’. Please let me know. Thank you.

Hey @tlol91,

onRawDataFrameReceived is a callback and will be called for you when a frame is received. You just need to implement the function and set the event to listen for it.


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