How do I get the status of the switch for message notification

How do I get the on/off state of a message notification in a meeting.

SDK Version :

Steps to reproduce the behavior:
There is a notification button in the upper right corner of the chat interface in the meeting. We want to get the status of this notification button, whether it is on or off. You can take a look at the screenshot we provided, with the location of the button marked on it.


Device Information :
Device Type: ( iPhone 6S)
OS: (iOS 14.1)
Xcode: 13.2.1

Additional context
Is there any related API to get the closed and open status of chat message notifications.Looking forward to your reply, thank you.

Hi @wangqi,

Unfortunately there is no way to access the state of chat notifications programmatically. Can you provide context around what you’re looking to accomplish so we can see if any workarounds might exist?


Thank you for your reply. Our application scenario is to display the message received by the user in the meeting interface (- (void)onInMeetingChat:(NSString *)messageID). We need to decide whether the message he received is based on whether the notification is on or off. show it. The current situation is that no matter whether the user has turned off the message notification, this method - (void)onInMeetingChat:(NSString *)messageID will have a corresponding message callback after receiving the notification. Looking forward to your reply, thank you very much.

Hi @wangqi,

Got it, thanks for the explanation. It sounds like you’re trying to use this setting with your custom meeting UI. The notification setting is only meant to be used with the default meeting UI, which is why there isn’t currently a way of knowing when this setting is toggled. One workaround could be to implement your own chat UI, which would allow you to implement a notification toggle completely independent of the SDK.


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