How i can Arrange Zoom Meeting on My website?

I would like to arrange a Zoom Meeting on my website as part of the Macrotester team
macrotester dot com/mouse-test-clicker/ to Visit now.
Please let me know how I can arrange my Zoom meeting

Hi @gops0cj1u8b6nbx

Zoom offers APIs and SDKs which you can consider implementing in your application.

Here are some APIs which you can consider using within your application:
Create Meetings: To create a meeting
List Meetings: To Display the schedule Meetings
Retrieve Meeting: To get a specific meeting

Once the meeting is created you can send the “start_url” to the hosts and “join_url” to the participants.
To display live meetings you can use the meeting has started webhook: Zoom API Events - Meeting

You can find our webhook meeting events here: Using webhooks
To find a list of all our APIs, please visit: Introduction to Zoom API

We also have a Web SDK that you can consider integrating into your website: Zoom Meeting Web SDK

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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