How is the 100 meetings/day limit calculated?

I just hit the 100 meetings limit for free accounts while testing. I canceled some meetings but the limit didn’t change.

I was wondering about how the number of meetings is calculated: Is it number of meetings you create (regardless how many you cancel)? Or is it the number of active meetings?

p.s. I’m using the OAuth token to manage meetings.


Hi @wodworx, regardless of free or paid users, a single userID can only create or update meetings 100 times within a given 24-hr period (resets at 00:00 UTC). This is for security to prevent applications from sending unexpected batches of requests.

Reference: Update Meeting API

Thanks @michael.harrington. Does userID here refer to my Client ID (as the app developer) or the user ID of the authenticated user for whom I have a valid token?

Hi @wodworx, the userID here refers to the user ID of the authenticated user. So, if installed, your app can use an access token to create or manage up to 100 meetings for a single user.