How long can token last at maximum? (New server to server OAuth app)

Hi all

I have read through this documentation

Currrently, our Linux Server is using

  • JWT app
  • to access Zoom Recording
  • each token usually last for 9 months or more
  • that means we don’t need to regenerate any new token within 9 months


How long can a token last

  • if we migrate to “server to server OAuth app”?
  • how long can a token last for maximum?
  • any documentation for generating a long lasting token under "server to server OAuth app


Hi @john_itguyonsite
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
So, for our Server-to-Server Oauth time, the expiration time for tokens is 1 hour, and every time you generate a new token, the previous one gets invalidated.

Here is a link to our Docs:

Hope this helps,