How to add your own UI elements or embed your app inside a zoom app?

I want to embed an adapted version of my app inside a zoom app, so Zoom users can use the app directly when inside a meeting. Just like the “Kahoot!” zoom app is doing.
However when browsing through the “create app” documentation, there doesn’t seem like any of the options or specification would allow me to do this. I’ve been searching around to find the functionality that would help me implement this, but can not find anything like this. Can someone point me in the right direction ?

Screenshots (If applicable)
This is screenshots of how this works in Kahoot!:

How can I implement or embed an UI when opening my app ?
The closest thing in the documentation (App Marketplace) seems to be a Chatbot, but this type of app seems to exclusively work in the chat, and can not add its own UI elements and update these, like the app I’m looking to build.


Hi @thomasmars,

Thanks for reaching out!

This was built as a “Zoom App”, a new type of app that we recently introduced alongside some select beta partners (such as Kahoot). In order to develop something like this, you would need to use the Zoom Apps build flow—However, Zoom Apps have not yet been released for developers (only some beta partners), as we’re still working on getting ready to make development resources available.

You should expect to hear updates on this shortly, and we hope to release Zoom Apps for general availability for developers very soon.