How to change WAITINGROOM default image on dialog?

I do want to change default image for waiting room dialog.

To change this image I was using below two approaches:

  1. Change image file path using ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::ICustomizedResourceHelper class before SDKInterfaceWrap::GetInst().Init(param) like below:
    std::wstring strPNGID = _T( “WAITINGROOM_DEFAULT_BG.PNG” );
    std::wstring strFullPath = _T( “C:\test.png” );
    pCustomizeResHelper->AddCustomizedPictureResource( strPNGID.c_str(), strFullPathc_str() );
    In result I get SDKERR_SUCCESS. But still image does not get changed.
  2. I tried to add image id defined in zwinres.dll in rc file like below:
    WAITINGROOM_DEFAULT_BG.PNG ZPIMGRES “./Resources/test.png” but it still does not work.
    Please help me to resolve this issue asap. It is a blocker for our release.

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