How to deauthorize an app from my website?


Ok, so this has me very puzzled. I am building a Meeting SDK app so that I can embed Zoom on my website. So far, I been able to do everything and was able to get a private publishable URL in which I can accept up to 40 ppl to add the app. So far so good, but now I want to send for full review to publish my app on the marketplace. However, one of the requirements is having a way for a user to deauthorize the app. Now, I been looking around for a while, but all I seen is setting up the webhook endpoint for it, but nowhere shows me how to actually implement it on my website. So for example, I would like to emulate it the way it is set up on local testing. I can add the app using the normal flow, and then have a button on my website that says “Deauthorize” that can remove that user from my app. How can I do that?

BUMP! I really need help with this!

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