How to hide "invite your contacts to this meeting" bubble


We are using Android Zoom Meeting SDK v5.14.5.13410, is there any way to hide the bubble showing with message invite your contacts to this meeting for host who initiated the video call.

I did not find any API in MeetingOptions, MeetingSettingsHelper, MeetingService, InMeetingService, ZoomUIService.

I found that we can able to override this msg but unable to hide completely this bubble with people icon.

Could you please check any possibilities to hide this bubble.


Could you please provide update about this behaviour?

Hi @venkat ,

Thanks for your post and for sharing the info. You may use MeetingOptions.no_invite = true to hide the “Invite your contacts to this meeting” bubble.


@carson.zoom Thanks for the update. I used MeetingOptions.no_invite = true and the Invite your contacts to this meeting message is hidden but the Invite button on Participant list screen also hidden.

So, this setting MeetingOptions.no_invite = true will hide all messages and buttons related to Invite functionality.

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