How to hide Record option in More menu

Is it possible to hide the Record option from the More menu programmatically once the zoom call started.

Is there any API/interface to do this?

In Android it’s possible to check whether recording option enable or not for current user using below API


But did not find any API to disable Record option in More menu

Which Android Client SDK version?

Hi @venkateswara.ponugot, thanks for the post.

The individual options in this menu cannot be hidden, but the more button as a whole can be.


Hi @jon.lieblich, thanks for the update.

Could you please raise a feature request. Also, Is there any possibility to hide/show the Record option in the More menu through Zoom Rest API per user?

Like while creating meetings or at the time of creating a zoom account per user etc…


Hi @venkateswara.ponugot,

I can certainly submit a feature request for adding a field for this to the MeetingOptions class.


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