How to hide the meeting password and the meeting invite url on the zoom meeting sdk electron

When user joins the zoom with the meeting id and password or by using the url , user able to see the meeting url and password in the header.

We want to hide the meeting passcode and the invite url when user joins the zoom meeting.

Please share the code snippet to hide the meeting info from header. Please refer the screenshot for the more information.

Which Electron Meeting SDK version?
Meeting SDK version is

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. when user joins the meeting with the meeting id and password or joins with the url
  2. by clicking on the green color right mark
  3. meeting id , host, passcode(password) and invite url is visible


Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Desktop/Laptop
  • OS: Windows 7 and above

Hi @shankarnarayana ,

Thank you for posting on the developer forum.
The content that is presented when clicking the green color icon is required to be shown. There isn’t a way to edit the content that shows here.


Since invite link is shown after clicking on the green color icon , students able to share the invite link to the un authorized persons , so we don’t want to allow un authorized person to attend the meeting .

There is a way to hide all meeting information including the invite link.
Currently, the Electron SDK does not implement the interface HideMeetingInfoOnMeetingUI(true) to hide the meeting info button. However, since this interface is available in the Windows SDK, you could add the bridge call and implement the interface in lib\node_add_on\win\wrap\meeting_service_components_wrap\meeting_configuration_wrap.h and rebuild the Electron SDK. Thanks!

Can you please provide the detail steps to integrate the same , We are not comfortable in compiling Zoom Sdk. If you give us the detail steps to integrate HideMeetingInfoOnMeetingUI and compile Zoom Sdk, it will be helpful for us.

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