How to invalidate and reissue start_url once obtained

In the application we are developing, we plan to use join_url and start_url issued using the create meeting API.
For security reasons, we just want to refresh start_url in less than 2 hours without changing the join_url.

I tried using API ‘create a meeting’ to get the first start_url and then using the API ‘get a meeting’ to get the second start_url.
However this method did not invalidate the first start_url, which was not the expected result.

Hi @on.shin.90821_1,

If you wanted to completely invalidate a start URL, you would need to delete the meeting. I’m afraid there’s not a method for invaliding the start_url directly while leaving the meeting otherwise in tact.

That said, it’s a great suggestion—if you’re so inclined, you might consider posting a feature request for this here: #feature-requests


Thank you for your information.
I will follow your instructions and post to #feature-request.

Thanks, @on.shin.90821_1 ! :slight_smile:

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