How to know when the meeting ended with zoom API

I used the zoom API to create a meeting, store the access link to the database to send to other participants, now how can I know when the meeting on the Zoom app ends So I can delete that access link.

Hi @duongdung12a8,

Good question. Have you considered leveraging our Meeting Ended webhook?

This will be triggered whenever a host ends a meeting, and could be a good tool for you to know when you can delete the meeting.

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

I set the URL to receive a notification when the user creates a meeting or ended meeting but when I create or ended meeting I do not see anything happen

Hi @duongdung12a8,

Can you confirm that the endpoint you have specified returns a 200OK response upon receiving payloads? I should note that ngrok endpoints will sometimes return a 301 status by default, which we don’t support.

Can I kindly ask that you double check that there aren’t any redirects either through the server logic or DNS that are preventing these webhooks from completing successfully?

Let me know,