How to measure who has spoken for how long?

I need an app detect who has spoken and measure how long.
I don’t have any experience in app development, just a little bit of learning how to write C, html, css and js.

I considered onActiveSpeakerVideoUserChanged on electron SDK is useful to implement app, so I figured rewriting the electron demo was the best way to go, but it was too complicated to do for me.

Please tell me the most simple way to develop an app detect who has spoken and measure how long.

Hi @s1250190,

It sounds like you were on the right track, by using our SDKs to track the active speaker. However, I can appreciate this may not be as easy to implement.

At the moment, we do not have an endpoint or other alternative specifically to see reporting on which participants spoke and for how long. However, if you’re recording your meetings using Cloud Recording, you might consider using a 3rd party tool to parse the audio of the recording file you receive after the meeting has completed.

I hope this helps—but you make a great suggestion to have this functionality/reporting more accessible. If you’re so inclined, I’d also recommending posting this in our #feature-requests channel.


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