How to remove powered by zoom watermark from Meeting UI?


i’m using zoom-c-sharp-wrapper-master (latest release)

1. how to remove powered by zoom watermark from Meeting UI ?


i tried to contact few times but they are not responding.

  1. i successfully removed powered by zoom watermark from mac ,ios and android SDK but only "Windows SDK (zoom-c-sharp-wrapper-master ) " won’t allowed to remove watermark.

Please provide me valid solution.

Thank You.

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if you want to remove this logo, you need to subscribe to the advanced plans. you can send the mail to for more details. 



We do not allow removing the “Powered by Zoom” watermark in any of the Zoom SDKs.

How can you remove water mark in android sdk

Hi hvishal1115,

Thanks for the reply. I see you have another post for the same questions here, please see my response in:How Remove "Powered By Zoom" on Meeting UI in Android


Hello!!! I have upgraded my account to business, and we do not have Live Streaming Watermark section option.

Hi arina.wong,

Thanks for the post. If you would like to change the Live Streaming Watermark, you may find the instruction here:, if you are experiencing different cases, you may need to contact Zoom support at and one of the Zoom supports would be happy to assist you.

Thank you!

hi @Bhavsang_Jam although its an old post, but we are also trying to remove the watermark from zoom sdk. we have been able to do this for android but are facing issue with ios sdk. I see that u have been able to do this for both android and ios. Any help from you towards ios sdk watermark removal will be appriciated. Cheers

Hi prabhakar.sharma,

Thanks for the post. Could you share how you remove the watermark in Android?


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Can you confirm that there is no way to remove the watermark? Even from some type of contractual arrangement?


Hi @jthomas,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Yes, removing the watermark is not supported.


Hey, Prabhakar can you help me out even in Android sdk?

Hi @diwyanshuagrawal,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The watermark cannot be removed.


Hi, @carson.zoom

I have the webinar plan and I’m not able to change the watermark when I do live streaming. I’ve tried to follow the instructions that are on the page “Custom Live Streaming Watermark” but when I access the page Brading it doesn’t show me Meetings and Webinars. It just shows me a message explaining what is branding.

Please help me to enable this function because I’ve started to do live streaming to my company and I need to change the zoom watermark.

Thanks a lot

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Hi @juliano.berenyi,

Thanks for the post. Based on the support page:

    Business, Enterprise, or Education account
    Approved Vanity URL
   Account Owner or Admin Permissions to configure
Note: This feature is in beta. Contact Zoom Support to have it enabled. 

So if you are not able to see the option to customize the live streaming watermark, it is either the prerequisites are not fulfilled or the feature is not enabled on your account.

As this is not related to Zoom SDK so I might not be the best person to speak with. Please contact Zoom support( and one of the Zoom experts will be happy to assist you.


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