Hybrid mobile app


We are plan to implement the zoom into our existing mobile app.

Our existing app developed using ionic framework. It’s a hybrid mobile app technologies.

Please tell me zoom api support to hybrid(Android/IOS) app?



Hi Rajasekar, 

Our API’s are agnostic to any platform or framework. You should be able to use it on hybrid apps. 



Thanks for your reply.

I have another two queries about zoom implementation.

1.How to render/show the video api response into our app and do you have any build in player in zoom for mobile app?

2.Zoom have a immediate direct video call option, with out meeting or scheduling?


Hi Rajasekar, 

If you are looking to embed your video within the app please refer to our iOS or Android SDK (https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios). Otherwise if you’re using out API’s the user will have to use the Zoom externally outside your app. 




Hi Michael,

Yes, we need embed the zoom video within the app,but you are given zoom SDK link is support to native app or hybrid app?

Because we are going to implement the zoom in hybrid app. 


Zoom have a immediate direct video call option, with out create meeting or scheduling?






Hi Rajasekar, 

Our mobile SDKs doesn’t support mobile hybrid apps. You can use our Windows or Mac electron SDK. https://github.com/zoom/zoom-winsdk-electron