I can't integrate your sdk with my code

I’ve one project i need integrate your sdk with our project


Hi, please be specific with your questions so that we can help. 

Please try to compile our sample android project and follow the documentation.


Thanks, Wei

The latest sdk release has an issue if your project is using Gson on another imported library

You need to exclude them from one of the imports

Hi Meir, you are correct. It’s an oversight on our part. We have imported gson lib in our SDK.  You can either use the lib from our SDK directly or import a different one. 

We will remove this from the SDK in our next update so that it doesn’t create dependencies.

Thanks, Wei


Once the new sdk is released you can use this solution to integrate gson



Hi Wei

It’s been some time now, do you guys have an estimate on when this is going to be released? Or at least a workaround? I’m blocked as well and I don’t want to use some hacky approach to fix the issue.



in the next release (target end of September), we will fix this. Thanks for your patience.


Hey Wei,

Thanks for your reply! We’re looking forward to that new version.


Closing as solved.