I want to know how can I turn on self mirroring in browser using zoom web SDK

In our platform when a user see self in the video since it is not mirrored it will show everything in reverse in Browser. So we want to know how can we turn self mirroring in web SDK. In zoom app it is fine but in web since mirror my video option is not available so it is creating a problem for us. So we want to know how can we allow our users to use self mirror feature in browser or is it possible to turn on mirror my video as default using the web SDK

Hi @gobinda,

Usually this is managed at the user level and is something that is changed locally within their webcam settings, however it is something that is expected in a future release.

If you’re wanting a quick and dirty solution to locally mirror your webcam (it will not broadcast mirrored), then please inject the below CSS into your stylesheets to flip the image horizontally.

#suspension-video {
    transform: scaleX(-1);


Thanks for jumping in and helping @alexmayo :slight_smile:

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