I want to show Chat UI when click Chat Button at Bottom Bar

I have been building the android app with zoom sdk (custom ui).
Then, When user click the chat button, it show the participants ui, not chat ui.
In iOS version, it is working well, it show the chat ui directly.

It need to show the chat ui directly.

public void onClickChats() {
mInMeetingService.showZoomParticipantsUI(MyMeetingActivity.this, REQUEST_PLIST);

As i check the code, it call showZoomParticipantsUI.
Please let me know how to show the chat ui page in directly in Android Version.

(Zoom SDK Android 5.2.42)

Hi @harryjin9, thanks for using our SDK.

Just to make sure, you are referring to the chat button in our sample app’s custom UI, correct?


Yes, Correct. Chat Button in Sample app’s Custom UI.

Hi @harryjin9,

We are currently working on adding this feature in the sample app’s custom UI in a future release. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you run into any other issues with the SDK.